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tOday is what a datE ya ???????
Wednesday | 11:42 PM | 0 comments
tody is result day !! ahhaahahahaa,,nak tauw ker result aq?? alah,,aq just dapt,,4b 2c 2d 1e,,mung bingai ahh slect ad E mung x puas aty,,ase nak koyak ahh result uhh,,ummsss..x pehh,,ag pownss,beter dari pmr,,ummsss,sal kan leh stdy lagi,,amin,,n,,alhamdulilah,,sal kan apy dpt ape yg ad,,huhuhuhu,,

tp msty result ex bf aq okk kan,,aq malu ahh nak tnye,,sumpah malu,,,huhuuh,,sadness result cham uhh,,bingai ahh ain ny!!! bodo !! blajar x pandai !! hhahhah,,,mlam ny xad topic,,jap agg ahh cite2,,hahhaa,,mud mung downs sbb result bingai uhh !!

wa appy,,wa da abeh peng2 pale ny,,spm da lepas,,result da amek !! semuer da setle,,tingal nk pkir masok mane je,,uhhuhuhu,,,byebye,,

mase mencari layouts !!!! weeeeee ~~~~~!!!!!!!